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The Importance of Preparation and Coating Services by Commercial Painters

May 31

A fresh coat of new paint is an effective and simple way to update a home's or office's appearance. But painting is more than just aesthetics. It protects a house and adds value.

Commercial painting contracts require a lot of preparation, physical stamina and communication skills. They can involve a variety of surfaces and require attention to detail.


The preparation process is important because it can influence the outcome of the painting. Other factors, such as the temperature and humidity, are also important. A professional commercial painter will spend time cleaning the area to paint, patching any cracks or blemishes as well as sanding the surface to ensure that it is smooth for the new paint coating.

Commercial painters often work on commercial properties and are required to follow strict workplace safety guidelines, particularly when working two storey or higher buildings. Drop sheets, scaffolding screening and safety barrier are all part of this.

Preparation for commercial painters can include the removal of furniture, covering of carpets and other soft furnishings in addition to any light carpentry or masonry work that needs to be completed before the interior is painted. This helps you and your painting contractor to get the job done smoothly and avoids any issues during or after.


Commercial painters are specialists in painting projects for businesses. This could range from offices to shops to airports and even hospitals. They are used working around the schedule of a business and know how to paint high traffic areas with durable paint.

You can attract new customers by painting your office or store. It is a great way to refresh your brand or make a statement that shows you are on top of your game.

It is common for your lease to require that you "make the premises good" before you hand over the keys if you are moving. A quality paint job can make a property look fresh and new, and increase its market value.


Paint will not adhere to surfaces that are dirty, so a thorough cleaning process is vital for any commercial painting job. This is done by either power washing or using a specialised cleaner which is applied to the surface with a low pressure pump. This is much more effective than high pressure water washing as the cleaning agent does all the work instead of just the water force.

Once the surface has been thoroughly cleaned, it can be prepared for paint application. This includes patching any holes or cracks, sanding down rough areas and vacuuming any dust. If a surface contains mould or mildew it can be treated with an anti-fungal to prevent it from growing.

If the area is wet, like a bathroom or shower, you can use special paints that are resistant against moisture and can easily be wiped down in order to remove any spills. This ensures that the paint job will last and not peel or bubble over time.


Painting and coating services are a valuable way to beautify your building. They can also reduce heat absorption and lower cooling system energy costs. They must be done properly to ensure long-lasting effects. Professional Commercial Painters Brisbane understand how to perform the procedures and offer warranties that back up their work.

Our expert commercial painters can paint a storefront quickly and efficiently. Our quality assured painting protects your investment, and increases the value of your building.

Commercial painting contracts are different from domestic contracts. There are many details that must be planned and considered before the contract is signed. Our team has the experience to communicate effectively and liaise with contractors. We understand the importance in meeting deadlines and following schedules. So you can rest assured your project will be completed on time.